Isn’t pregnancy supposed to be the most magical experience?

You are expecting! Congratulations! What an exciting time of your life, especially after that pesky morning sickness lets up. But, wait, you are uncomfortable, have sciatica, neck and/or back pain. Not to mention stresses of everyday life and dreams and uncertainties of becoming a mother. Any and all of those things are normal in pregnancy, but what if there was a natural way of helping you realize the best pregnancy experience?

Your first pregnancy

What a magical time. When you are pregnant for the first time, every day is full of wonder about what is going on inside your body. As your body changes and the baby grows, your body is having to figure out what to do with the hormone changes and your uterus taking up more room. I have always told my clients that our body is an accumulation of your life experiences. That’s why, sometimes in pregnancy, there are things that pop up you were unaware of until now. As your body changes in pregnancy, from joints becoming looser to your center of gravity changing to it feeling like the baby is sitting on your sciatic nerve, you can experience discomforts and pain.

Your second pregnancy and beyond

You have been pregnant before and know what to expect in general terms. Similar things may come up that you experienced in your first pregnancy, or brand new things may come to the forefront. There may have been holding patterns or effects from the previous pregnancies that weren’t resolved.

What can massage do for you?

Massage is an amazing tool to help remove those holding patterns from years past and those created by your changing body. As your center of gravity changes, your tissues try to shift to new roles with new stresses and ways they are called to work to support your body. Massage can help release those holding patterns and help the muscles cope with their change in roles. Later in pregnancy, depending on the position of the fetus, and activity level, your circulation especially in the lower extremities may be limited. Massage can help increase your circulation and flush your lymphatic system, which can help with your immunity during your pregnancy.

What can CranioSacral Therapy do for me in pregnancy?

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a very light touch myofascial (working with the muscle and fascia in the body) technique that I’ve been using for over 8 years to help women from conception to birth. During pregnancy, facial holding patterns can prevent the baby from having the ability to move around, therefore tends to be in one part of your abdomen (ie. Sitting on your sciatic nerve or seems to be underneath your ribs on one side most of your pregnancy). If your hips are restricted and cannot expand as the baby grows, you may feel more lower-back pain than most. Using CST, gently removing facial restrictions can give the baby more room to move around. In the last week or so of your pregnancy, we can make sure there are fewer facial restrictions that could inhibit the progression of labor. I have had numerous reports of having easier births than previous pregnancies and labors not as bad as expected with first time moms.

Massage during pregnancy is not just to feel good for an hour, it can really be used to help you have a happier pregnancy and therefore a happier baby. Schedule a massage today or purchase a gift certificate for someone you know. It really is a gift of great measure.