Don’t wait for “but I just…”

I get asked quite often when a new client comes in, “Do you really need to know about all my surgeries and accidents?” I always say, “Yes, please.” And they often come back with something like “Even the time I fell out of a tree when I was 7?” I say “Absolutely, especially that!”

If you have ever been a client of mine, as you have lain on the massage table, you have probably heard me say, “Our bodies are a product of our life experiences.” I’ve heard so many times in the last 11 years as a massage therapist, “I just bent over to pick up a pencil,” or “I was just sitting there and turned my head to look at something beside me,” or, as I’m working on a client they will say “oh my gosh, I didn’t even know that was sore.”

Our bodies are an amazing machine.

They do so much for us behind the scenes. We breathe and our heart pumps without us even having to think about it. When we burn ourselves, reflexes in our body pull our hands away from the hot burner really before it even hurts. It filters our blood and other fluids in order to try to keep everything clean and ready when it is needed. It also figures out ways to help us avoid pain, even after decades of stress, injury, grief, car accidents, stellar skateboarding wrecks, and other things that happen in our lives. Just as any other system in our body, our muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments adjust and hold you in positions to help you to avoid the ongoing pain of that injury. After decades of the body doing these little adjustments for all the things we go through, it DOES only take one little movement, that last straw, to bring your attention to your body.

So, what can you do?

Seems pretty inevitable, doesn’t it? Yes, unless you sit in a bubble your whole life (then inactivity can also cause similar issues, buuuuut, that’s another topic for another day), we all have injury/stress/etc. Massage can “erase” those tissue memories. Now, if you have many “tissue memories,” they are layered on top of/around/through each other. It can take time to work through all the memories. This is why it is so important to not wait until “but I only….”

Massage is one of the best preventative measures you can take for many issues. In future posts, I will touch on who can benefit specific techniques I incorporate and what they are good for, and much more.

Today I challenge you to give yourself this one gift of good health.

In this New Year, make it a catalyst for taking good care of you! It’s one good way of not living in your past, but in your present.

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  1. Dr Julia

    Laura, you are an amazing practitioner and thoroughly gifted. I love hearing your take… Nice article.

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