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Massage has long been revered as a luxury. We are now coming to realize the real effects massage has on one’s health.

Whether your life is impacted by stress, over-work, poor posture, lack of sleep, poor dietary habits, or lack of exercise, massage can be of great benefit. These factors in one’s life can affect a body’s musculature, emotional balance and mental function.

While we all encounter these factors, therapeutic massage aids the body in beginning its own natural healing process (in as little as one session).

    • Benefits of Massage
    • Increases circulation
    • Stimulates immune system
    • Lengthens & softens connective tissue
    • Decreases pain with your body’s own natural pain relievers
    • Softens scar tissue
    • Allows muscles to return to normal resting length
    • Aids in waste-removal from muscles
    • Helps you to achieve & maintain good posture
    • Relaxes your body and mind