What you receive during a session at Abandon Your Aches Massage

We at Abandon Your Aches Massage located in Coeur d’alene Idaho, set aside time just for you. We want to make sure your massage therapy appointment is as relaxed as can be!

Massage Therapy Appointments are ALL ABOUT YOU!

Arriving a few minutes before your appointment time will guarantee the full table time for your massage. There will be plenty of time for discussing what you expect from your massage that day. Your massage experience is enhanced with only quality oils, and creams. You will love our Organic Jojoba oil (the substance closest to your skin’s natural oils), doTerra essential oils when needed, and the purest, best foot cream.

Each session is individualized based on what you need that day. The wide variety of modalities available provides the opportunity for you to get exactly what you need each session.

After your massage, we set aside enough of time for you to ease off the table, dress, and check out without feeling rushed. Our goal is to make your visit exactly what you want each time! Whether you need to relax from your busy life to decreasing pain in your body to easing back into life’s responsibilities after your massage session.

Why monthly massage?

We sit behind a desk, or lug 50+ lbs around on a continual basis, or drive hundreds of miles every day, etc. Our bodies were not made today’s lifestyle. We were created to be hunters and gatherers, where constant agility and movement were needed for survival. A monthly massage can help to balance the negative effects of today’s lifestyle.

Your Body Holds the Culmination of Your Life Experiences

I can’t tell you how many countless clients come to my office for the first time stating, “All I did was bend over to pick up something off the floor.” I am also asked quite often “Do you really need to know about my surgery 10 years ago?” It all goes hand in hand. Every injury or stressful incident in our lives, if left untreated, stays with you.

Your Body Continually Finds Ways to Avoid Pain

All it takes is one small incident that becomes the straw that feels like it broke your back. If you receive monthly massage, you can avoid these types of injuries. Each massage erases parts or all of past injuries. It also helps to correct what we do to our bodies in that month between massages.

Prevent Pain and Injury with A Monthly Massage

No one knows your body better than you! Take care of you! Scheduling a monthly massage offers many good health benefits. Instead of needing 3 or 4 massages in a row taking valuable time out of your schedule when you have one of these out-of-the-blue injuries, you can plan on when works best for your schedule for prevention of pain and injury.