What can I do until I can get my next massage? (Part 1)

At the time of this blog’s writing, we are dealing with stay-at-home orders, which is very stressful for a great many of reasons.  As massage therapists, we realize that what we do seems very essential to a great many. We are so missing being a part of your healing journey.

So, this all begs the question, what can we do for ourselves in order to not fall backwards too far?

Those working from home (learn during this time and then bring it back to the office with you):

  1. If you are working from home, please try to find the most ergonomic way to work.
  2. Set a timer. Every hour bring your hunched over, badly positioned body away from the computer. Don’t worry, your work will be there when you are done with this, and the 2 minutes it takes will be well worth it.
    • 10 shoulder rolls forward, and then 10 backward…slowly, your shoulders might be screaming when you start
    • 10 neck rolls-bring your head down to your chest, roll it around to the right, around to the back, around to the left and back down to your chest. Repeat going toward your left and around to your right. One caveat, do not push anything to pain, just gentle slow stretching and only go as far as you can.
    • Find your nearest doorway, reach your arms to either side of the doorway and let your body fall a bit forward to stretch your chest. Move your arms up and down the doorway to stretch all parts of those Pec muscles. If your arms don’t reach do one side at a time.
    • Walk to your kitchen, get a drink of water.
    • When you return to your desk, side bend to each side 4 or 5 times. Again, slowly.
    • Outstretch one arm palm facing up, take your opposite hand and gently stretch your fingers toward the floor. Turn your hand with palm down, and gently stretch your fingers down and toward your body. Repeat on the other side
    • Do a lunge forward, lean back a little bit, feel the stretch on the front of your leg that is back. Repeat on the other side.
    • Open your jaw as wide as you can, like a big yawn. Why?? You’ve been clenching your jaw, haven’t you?
  3. You are more awake now, aren’t you? Sit back at your desk and pretend like you have a string coming out the top of your head and it is pulling you into a position of good posture. Lower back in a neutral position with your legs supported by your chair (or not if you are lucky enough to have a stand up desk), back straight, shoulders back, head over your shoulders. Try to hold this position as long as you can as you resume your work.

This is also a perfect time, if your kids are homeschooling while you are working, the older ones can follow suit, the younger ones, a lap around the house. Clear your mind, ease the tension in your body, and take some deep breaths.

In my next post, I will give you some ideas on how to help yourself a little more!

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